How to Dress Lazy But Look Like You Tried

You know those days when all you want to wear is a big, comfy sweater and a cozy pair of sweats? Me too. That’s pretty much the story of my life during the winter……….And spring. And summer. And fall. But you know those days when you just can’t roll out of bed and take on … Continue Reading

A Game Day Outfit That DOESN’T Involve a Jersey

Winter is my favorite. Wanna know why? FOOTBALL AND SWEATERS AND, OF COURSE, CHRISTMAS. And so, I put together an outfit to celebrate a few of those things. Before I say anything about this outfit, let me start this post off by saying a few things. #1: I LOVE football. I grew up watching college … Continue Reading

This One’s For the Ladies in Atlanta ?

Hi hello happy Wednesday! It’s been a while since we’ve all been here on Country Hipster, and for that, I apologize. I’ve been telling myself for months I needed to get back into blogging but something always seemed to keep me from getting out and taking photos and actually BLOGGING. But last week, I was … Continue Reading

’70s Boho Meets Contemporary Country Chic

You know those times when you just need a week-long nap? THAT has been my life lately. I won’t go into any detail, but I’ve just been exhausted lately, which is why I have been the worst blogger on the planet. BUT I went out today and got TONS of outfit posts so I could … Continue Reading

Be-UTAH-Ful: One Shirt, Two SUPER Different Ways

Happy MLK Day, lovelies! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend! Mine involved shopping for cowboy boots that are way outside my budget (a girl can dream about candy apple red stingray Lucchese classics, right?), wandering around beauuuuutiful Park City, watching the Bobsled World Championship (the perks of living in Utah…), ziplining, jumping … Continue Reading

Utah Snow Days Call for Cozy Layers!

Welllllll I said I’d post this outfit last night but Arrested Development and a fresh batch of dark chocolate brownies just sucked me riiiiight in. Guess that’s what happens when it’s been snowing all day and you just want to curl up with a fuzzy puppy and never leave the house! (If only I had … Continue Reading

November Style Challenge: Burgundy & Olive

Well folks, today was, quite possibly, the most stressful day of my young life. I’ll spare you all the details, but I spent a good portion of the day  in tears with a horrendous headache while I stress ate shortbread cookies. I mean, the shortbread cookies part wasn’t too bad. And I guess tonight’s sunset—that … Continue Reading