Cowgirl Booties Fit for SUMMER!

So, I’m a little sad today. If you saw my Instagram post last week, you know I had to have my appendix out. Long story short, I started having REALLY bad pains in my stomach and eventually found myself in the Emergency Room. What I thought was a stomach virus or just really bad gas … Continue Reading

Two Pairs of Cowgirl Boots are Better Than One

Well. I was really excited to start year 2 of Country Hipster off with a bang. I redesigned the site, bought a bunch of new clothes, treated myself to one of my dream pairs of boots…………and then I didn’t post for over three weeks soooo I guess year 2 is starting out with a whimper … Continue Reading

Forget Guys. Fall in Love With RED Tony Lama Cowgirl Boots!

Wanna know a secret? Well. It’s actually not really a secret at all…. I’m super duper DUPER single. So the fact that Valentine’s Day is less than a month away means virtually nothing to me because I haven’t had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day since I was a junior in high school. And that was like, … Continue Reading

Blue Suede…..Cowgirl Boots?!

Alright, okay, so today’s Wish List Wednesday boots aren’t suede but they’re blue so that’s cool, right? FEAST YOUR EYES. Fun fact: blue and orange is my favorite color combo, so putting together outfit ideas for these boots was like, the highlight of my week. Does that tell you anything about how exciting my life … Continue Reading

Red Cowboy Boots: The Perfect Holiday Accessory!

CHRISTMAS IS A WEEK AWAY, PEOPLE. A WEEK!!!!! So it’s only fitting that this week’s Wish List Wednesday post is allllll about sassy red cowboy boots and how to style them for any mood you’re in. The first pair of boots I ever bought was red, so I’m a real sucker from red cowboy boots. In … Continue Reading

The Perfect Wear-Everywhere (and I MEAN Everywhere) Cowgirl Boots

My, oh my. I kinda didn’t realize I hadn’t posted a blog in a week. Time’s been flying right by lately, and sometimes I just totally space how long it’s been since I posted! I have so many outfits I want to bring you guys, so stay tuned for some pretties in the next few … Continue Reading

Merry Christmas To You! Old Gringo Sapache Boots

Happy December, y’all! I am so, so excited about today’s post. So excited that I’ll skip all the flowery talk so we can talk about a pair of boots that is BEGGING to be on your Christmas list. Say hello to the Sapache by Old Gringo! These lovelies have all the color, distressing, and pizzazz … Continue Reading