A Cowboy and His Horse…Country Hipster Style

You guys. I’m just going to cut straight to the chase today. My friend Kolton is taking over Country Hipster today, and not only are his outfits on point, we shot his photos with A) a super dope motorcycle and B) a super pretty horse. I mean, what more do you even need? ANYWAY. Here’s my cool … Continue Reading

How to Beat the Monday Blues with Men’s Cowboy Boots

Happy Monday, all! I don’t know about you, but my weekend went by way too quickly. It seems like just 5 minutes ago I was leaving work all excited for the weekend and now I’m getting ready to go back…being a grownup is SO not fair! Anyway, I have a serious case of the Monday blues, so … Continue Reading

Sunday Chic: Men’s Cowboy Boots Edition

I’ve been slacking a little bit here in Texas. I meant to post an outfit yesterday morning, and I’ve also been meaning to take photos of a few things I’ve bought since I’ve been here to show y’all. But between my cousin’s wedding and catching up with family and trying to escape the humidity, I … Continue Reading

Crazy About Cowboy Boots: Inaugural Men’s Post

I knew before I even launched this blog that I wanted to include men’s fashion tips from time to time. And now that the blog has been up for a little over month and hasn’t fallen flat on its face, I figured there was no time like now to get started! Meet my good friend … Continue Reading