November Style Challenge: BLACK Friday…almost

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies! I hope you all ate your weight in potatoes and pie today. I know I did and I KNOW I’m gonna have to hit the gym reeeeeeal hard on Monday. But first, we have a few real cute outfits to talk about! Today’s outfit actually matches up with tomorrow’s style challenge prompt, but … Continue Reading

November Style Challenge: Sbicca Booties

Happy Friday, y’all!  Today’s post is gonna be short and sweet. I’ll spare you all the details right now, but today’s been a crazy busy day and it’s only going to get busier. I wanted to get this post done this morning before I left Utah (I’m in San Diego right now!), but things came … Continue Reading

BLACK to Basics for Our 100TH Post!

Today marks Country Hipster’s 100th blog post. 1-0-0. I can hardly believe it! I started this blog when I was in the middle of a gut-wrenching breakup. I literally got the idea when I was in my truck on my way to break up with my boyfriend. I needed something to take my mind off how … Continue Reading

September Style Challenge: With Olives, Please!

Today is my Friday, y’all! I’m heading to Seattle in the morning and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been in desperate need of a vacation, and now it’s almost here! Can’t wait to enjoy some cooler weather, fresh ocean air, and of course some Pirozhkis! :) So I’ve been waiting literally all month for … Continue Reading

September Style Challenge: Playful Plaid

Am I the only one that thinks Monday came a little too soon? I’m just sitting here like, wait it’s still Friday, right? Because my brain is still in weekend mode, I’ll jump right into today’s outfit. Today’s September Style Challenge is all about Playful Plaid Even though I loved this skirt in the store, … Continue Reading

September Style Challenge: TOTALLY TAN (Corral Boots!)

You guys. Wear What Where’s September Style Challenge sure is keeping me on my toes! I haven’t participated in each day’s challenge, but the days I have put outfits together have really pushed me to get more from my wardrobe. Today’s challenge was probably the most difficult for me thus far for one big reason: … Continue Reading

September Style Challenge: Last Chance White Pants

I have a confession to make. I don’t actually own white pants. I’ve owned multiple pairs in the past, but I never, ever like the way they look so I always end up getting rid of them! So instead of styling a pair of “last chance” white pants for today’s style challenge, I styled a … Continue Reading