’70s Boho Meets Contemporary Country Chic

You know those times when you just need a week-long nap? THAT has been my life lately. I won’t go into any detail, but I’ve just been exhausted lately, which is why I have been the worst blogger on the planet. BUT I went out today and got TONS of outfit posts so I could … Continue Reading

The Laredo Boots to Complete Your SPRING Wardrobe

I don’t know how the weather is in y’all’s neck of the woods, but in Utah, it’s spring. And I don’t really know how I feel about it. Like, it’s cool that I can go outside to take outfit photos now, but I hadn’t gotten through all the winter outfits I had wanted to and … Continue Reading

Sorry I’m Terrible at Blogging. Here’s a Cute Outfit.

Hello lovelies! I am so, so, sooooo sorry I haven’t posted for more than two weeks. I’ve been revamping the blog and working on back-end stuff a lot, so I just haven’t had time to get to outfit posts. The good news is, THE END IS IN SIGHT! The bad news is, I probably won’t … Continue Reading

Laredo Cowgirl Boots to Get You Through the Winter

Wanna know a secret? I meant to post about today’s boots LAST WEEK before I left for Disneyland but somehow that just didn’t happen….#suckstosuck, I guess. To recap, Disneyland was hella dope and my sister and I walked 31.2 FREAKING MILES and went on California Screamin’ like 238598459 times and treated ourselves to a $100 … Continue Reading

Utah Snow Days Call for Cozy Layers!

Welllllll I said I’d post this outfit last night but Arrested Development and a fresh batch of dark chocolate brownies just sucked me riiiiight in. Guess that’s what happens when it’s been snowing all day and you just want to curl up with a fuzzy puppy and never leave the house! (If only I had … Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE Circle G Winged Cross Snip Toe Boots

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope your weeks have been lovely and full of happy things! As you all know, my birthday was yesterday and I got some pretty suh-weeeeet stuff (including a PURPLE pair of Canty Boots! EEK!), so rest assured that there are going to be some really awesome outfits coming y’all’s way! But first, … Continue Reading

Aztec Meets Western in These Gorgeous Corral Boots!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! I always really like Wednesdays—I love knowing I’m getting closer and closer to the weekend. I love watching Whine About It. I love, love, love back and ab day at the gym. And most of all, I love Wish List Wednesday! I love talking about pretty boots and getting to style them … Continue Reading