Merry Christmas To You! Old Gringo Sapache Boots

Happy December, y’all! I am so, so excited about today’s post. So excited that I’ll skip all the flowery talk so we can talk about a pair of boots that is BEGGING to be on your Christmas list. Say hello to the Sapache by Old Gringo! These lovelies have all the color, distressing, and pizzazz … Continue Reading

Liberty Black Chita Ankle Boots in LEOPARD

Hi hello happy, happy, happy Wednesday! We’re mid-way through the week aaaaand that’s pretty great, don’t you think? Alsoooo we’re almost mid-way through October and that literally makes no sense to me. No sense at all. Where is time going??! Well anyway, today’s Wish List Wednesday boots are freaking stunning, so that makes me feel slightly better … Continue Reading

Aztec Meets Western in These Gorgeous Corral Boots!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! I always really like Wednesdays—I love knowing I’m getting closer and closer to the weekend. I love watching Whine About It. I love, love, love back and ab day at the gym. And most of all, I love Wish List Wednesday! I love talking about pretty boots and getting to style them … Continue Reading

Wish List Thursday: Macie Bean Unbeweavable Boots

So….I have to admit, I feel a little silly. I postponed Wish List Wednesday this week because today’s challenge for #WearWhatWhereSeptember calls for wedges. So I figured since I don’t actually own wedges, I’d just publish this week’s post on Wednesday instead of Thursday. BUT THEN I realized that yesterday’s “Check Her Out” challenge actually … Continue Reading

Wish List Wednesday: GORGEOUS Multicolored Corral Boots

Happy Thursday, everyone! My computer was on drugs yesterday, so I couldn’t post this week’s Wish List Wednesday when I wanted to! My computer is still on drugs (which means I can’t upload photos from my camera since I shoot in Raw), so we’re going to have to make due this week with photos taken on my … Continue Reading

What My Concert Outfit Taught Me About Adversity

Alright before we begin, do me a favor and press play above. Listen to this song as you read today’s post. I promise it’ll tie in later! :) Okay so last night my friend Kelly and I went to the Lady Antebellum concert and it was on. point. Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes opened for … Continue Reading

America Week Day 5: 2 Patriotic Outfits+2 Pairs of Boots

Happy Independence Day-eve from Idaho! I’m posting this from a McDonald’s in Burley because I’m a slacker and didn’t get it done before my roommate and I headed out for Boise this morning! Better late than never, right? Anyway, because it only takes so long to eat a hot fudge sundae and I’m on a … Continue Reading