How to Dress Lazy But Look Like You Tried

You know those days when all you want to wear is a big, comfy sweater and a cozy pair of sweats? Me too. That’s pretty much the story of my life during the winter……….And spring. And summer. And fall. But you know those days when you just can’t roll out of bed and take on … Continue Reading

Be-UTAH-Ful: One Shirt, Two SUPER Different Ways

Happy MLK Day, lovelies! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend! Mine involved shopping for cowboy boots that are way outside my budget (a girl can dream about candy apple red stingray Lucchese classics, right?), wandering around beauuuuutiful Park City, watching the Bobsled World Championship (the perks of living in Utah…), ziplining, jumping … Continue Reading

How to Wear Cowgirl Boots In the Winter

Today’s blog post is going to be real short and real sweet, folks. I spent half the afternoon in the DMV, and the other half trying on what seemed like 285989 pairs of pants. So now all I want to do is hit the gym for a little bit, then watch Elf and eat sugar … Continue Reading

Who Says You Can’t Wear White During the Winter?

Hello all you happy people! (I sincerely hope you read that in the voice of Droopy.) Today is Sunday, which means I get to go to church, then lounge around all day and take a long nap and watch Christmas movies and eat Thanksgiving leftovers (aka pie and rolls GALORE). I can already tell it’s … Continue Reading

Birthday Outfits Are The Best Outfits

Happy Tuesday and happy, happy, happy birthday to me! I’m turning 24 today and I’m kind of in disbelief about it. 24 means I officially can’t sing 22 by Taylor Swift anymore. It means I’m one step closer to becoming a crazy puppy lady. It means I only have two measly years left on my … Continue Reading

September Style Challenge: Boho Beauty+Booties

It’s a good thing today’s September Style Challenge called for a laidback look. Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE three-day weekends. But they always wear me right out! So when I saw that today’s challenge was all about beautiful boho things I rejoiced. Because just about the only thing (besides an oversized hoodie and sweatpants) I … Continue Reading

You Can’t Sit With Us! Biker Chic Meets Cowgirl Boots

Happy Humpday, y’all! Say hello to my cute little sister again! She put together a fierce outfit for today! Cameron’s outfit is perfect in so, so many ways. Let’s list off the reasons. 1. It’s Wednesday. She may not be wearing pink but you still can’t sit with us. (I watched Mean Girls AND Golden Girls this weekend. Do they … Continue Reading