A Game Day Outfit That DOESN’T Involve a Jersey

Winter is my favorite. Wanna know why? FOOTBALL AND SWEATERS AND, OF COURSE, CHRISTMAS. And so, I put together an outfit to celebrate a few of those things. Before I say anything about this outfit, let me start this post off by saying a few things. #1: I LOVE football. I grew up watching college … Continue Reading

On Repeat: Tees, Boots & Reckless Optimism

Happy Wednesday, Happy February, Happy life! I didn’t get a chance to finish this blog post yesterday, so let’s just pretend like it’s Tuesday, mmkay? Yesterday’s outfits (yes, outfitssssssss) were all about happiness and joy and optimism. Remember how I bought my friend Anna and I matching shirts for Christmas? Well, as it turns out, … Continue Reading

Be-UTAH-Ful: One Shirt, Two SUPER Different Ways

Happy MLK Day, lovelies! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend! Mine involved shopping for cowboy boots that are way outside my budget (a girl can dream about candy apple red stingray Lucchese classics, right?), wandering around beauuuuutiful Park City, watching the Bobsled World Championship (the perks of living in Utah…), ziplining, jumping … Continue Reading

1 Outfit, 2 Pairs of Tony Lama Boots, 2 Unique Looks

Guess who has tonsillitis again! THIS GIRL. I’ve been struggling with tonsillitis on and off for a few years now, and this past week I was feeling particularly crappy. I know everyone’s like, “why don’t you just have your tonsils taken out?” Believe me, if I could, I WOULD. The problem is, even though tonsillectomies … Continue Reading

The Perfect Wear-Everywhere (and I MEAN Everywhere) Cowgirl Boots

My, oh my. I kinda didn’t realize I hadn’t posted a blog in a week. Time’s been flying right by lately, and sometimes I just totally space how long it’s been since I posted! I have so many outfits I want to bring you guys, so stay tuned for some pretties in the next few … Continue Reading

November Style Challenge: BLACK Friday…almost

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies! I hope you all ate your weight in potatoes and pie today. I know I did and I KNOW I’m gonna have to hit the gym reeeeeeal hard on Monday. But first, we have a few real cute outfits to talk about! Today’s outfit actually matches up with tomorrow’s style challenge prompt, but … Continue Reading

A Lesson in Wearing Knee-High Cowgirl Boots

You know those times when you’re like, super crazy busy and you hardly have time to think, let alone relax? That’s how my life has been lately. So. Freaking. Hectic. Thankfully, I can always count on a pretty pair of cowgirl boots to keep me sane. And today that lovely pair of boots is tall, … Continue Reading