Blue Suede…..Cowgirl Boots?!

Alright, okay, so today’s Wish List Wednesday boots aren’t suede but they’re blue so that’s cool, right? FEAST YOUR EYES. Fun fact: blue and orange is my favorite color combo, so putting together outfit ideas for these boots was like, the highlight of my week. Does that tell you anything about how exciting my life … Continue Reading

Southward Apparel Made the Coolest Poncho EVER

Well. It only took me 10 days to get my first post of 2016 up, but better late than never, right? The last few weeks have been CRAZY busy for me. I started a new job (it’s seriously so rad!), got hella sick before Christmas, road tripped it to Nevada to spend a few days with my … Continue Reading

1 Outfit, 2 Pairs of Tony Lama Boots, 2 Unique Looks

Guess who has tonsillitis again! THIS GIRL. I’ve been struggling with tonsillitis on and off for a few years now, and this past week I was feeling particularly crappy. I know everyone’s like, “why don’t you just have your tonsils taken out?” Believe me, if I could, I WOULD. The problem is, even though tonsillectomies … Continue Reading

September Style Challenge: Minimalistic

Happy, happy, happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekends have been as lovely as mine. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Seattle’s gorgeous weather (and scenery), my adorable little nephews, and some much-needed time away from the hustle and bustle of Utah. It’s going to be so, so hard to get on a flight back to Salt … Continue Reading

September Style Challenge: Tailgates and Team Colors

COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!! I’m a football girl. I grew up watching games with my dad and asking him every single question I could think of about the game. What does offsides mean? Why can’t you punt a field goal? What do left tackles do? And why the heck do they call them left … Continue Reading

Sonora Boots with a Vintage Flair!

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! Today is going to a good day. I just know it.  I’m getting the day off to a wonderful start by posting about an adorable pair of boots from a company I had never heard of prior to Monday! Woot woot! Aaaand then I’ll be ending the day with Randy Houser, Dustin … Continue Reading

Sunshine Sunday: Country Hipster Meets Conscious Clothing

Happy Sunshine Sunday! First of all, I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support I’ve received since last week’s post. I was a little apprehensive about talking so openly about my experiences with anxiety and depression, but all the discussions I’ve had with friends and followers since then (some of whom also struggle with mental … Continue Reading