5 Things to Remember If Valentine’s Day Is Hard This Year

First thing’s first: I’m kind of indifferent about Valentine’s Day. Some people hate it and blame the candy hearts and red roses for making them feel like they’ll die alone, while other people use the made-up holiday to flaunt their love for their *perfect* significant other (which, like, you could do on literally any day … Continue Reading

#SorryNotSorry—An Apology, But Not Really

**I posted this on Instagram last week, but since I haven’t posted anything on the blog for over a month (eye rolling at myself so hard!), I figured I’d repost and repurpose it here!** Soooo for the last few months I have been seriously considering quitting Country Hipster, shutting down the blog, deleting my Instagram … Continue Reading

When You’re Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Dear friends, You may be wondering why I haven’t blogged much this month. Or maybe you’re not idk. Either way, whether you care or not, I’m going to tell you why I’ve posted less than FIVE (eek!) blogs this month, because I’m making a concerted effort to make Country Hipster more personal. More raw. More … Continue Reading

It’s Been a [Record] Year

First of all, I have to apologize for not posting any self care blogs for the last two months. I can’t really explain what happened. Life got busy. I got really, really sick. My anxiety got better. I got preoccupied with the holidays and with my new [super duper rad] job. And between all that, … Continue Reading

77 MORE Random Things to Be Thankful For

I got home from Thanksgiving vacation last night. I’m not exactly sure when I walked in the door—maybe 5 or so? All I know is I was so, so, so tired when I did. That and all I wanted to do after dropping all my bags on the floor was nap for a week. Funny … Continue Reading

Hooray For Guest Posters Who Help You Stress Less!

Friends! I am so, so sorry I haven’t posted any self care blogs in a few weeks. I just haven’t felt like I have anything good to say. For the past few weeks there’s been this little nagging voice in the back of my head saying, “nobody cares about your blog, Taylor. Nobody cares that … Continue Reading

Longboarding Accidents & Head Injuries

Today’s post is short. Simple. Straightforward. To the point. But first, I have to tell you a story. To get you hooked, I’ll start by saying this story ends with me falling on my head and getting a “slight concussion.” It all started when I went longboarding on Wednesday evening with my cousin and a … Continue Reading