Photos of Luke Bryan+Dustin Lynch+Randy Houser in Salt Lake

YOU GUYS. I have no voice today, my ears are ringing, I’m running on 4 hours of sleep, and my body feels like it was hit by a bus. BUT THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY because my sister and I were on the FRONT FREAKING ROW for Luke Bryan last night! I had planned on putting … Continue Reading

46 Songs to Remind You Your Story Isn’t Over Yet

I’ll never forget the look in those big blue eyes when they saw the cuts on my leg. It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon and I was sitting in a stunning mountain meadow with a very, very good friend. It was just days after I had opened up to this friend about my struggles with self … Continue Reading

The Perfect Summer Playlist and the Perfect Summer Poster

Today is the day! My friends and I are heading to San Diego this afternoon after we all get off work, and I couldn’t be more excited! I haven’t been to San Diego in about four years, so I’m super pumped to be back on the beach enjoying some perfect weather and gorgeous beaches! As … Continue Reading

A Cowboy Boot-Inspired Road Trip Playlist

Alright so I’m going on a road trip this weekend to St. George, Utah. It’s nothing too special. Just a short trip to see a really good family friend who just got back from serving a two-year LDS mission in South Carolina. I’m SUPER looking forward to some warmer weather and sunshine (Lord knows I … Continue Reading