Winter is my favorite. Wanna know why?


And so, I put together an outfit to celebrate a few of those things.

Before I say anything about this outfit, let me start this post off by saying a few things.

#1: I LOVE football. I grew up watching college and pro games with my dad, and for a long time my DREAM was to work for Sports Illustrated and write my own football column. A lot of people lately have been like “do you watch football just because your boyfriend does?” And I’m like, PUH-LEASE I probably know more about football than you do. Why are people always so surprised when girls actually LIKE football independent of their boyfriends or husbands?

#2: I also grew up LOVING the Rams. Apparently, according to my parents, when I was 7 or 8 I decided the Rams were my favorite team because I thought their helmets were pretty. ((Turns out, I still make most of my life decisions the same way. NO. JOKE.)) I still remember little 10-year-old me sobbing into a pillow as I watched the Rams lose to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI. And tbh I still don’t think my emotions have really recovered.

#3: I realize that the Rams are horrible and have been horrible for like, 10 years. Lately a lot of people have been trying to convince me to cheer for other teams and I’m like BOY BYE. Does no one value loyalty anymore?!??!

So ANYWAY. Let’s talk about this outfit.

I LOVE game days but I’m not a super big fan of getting crazy dressed up. I don’t love jerseys, I don’t love face painting, and I don’t love foam fingers or weird necklaces or outlandish shirts. And so, showing support is always a lil tricky for me.

This season, I’ve been keeping it simple with this comfy, cozy, cutesy beanie and a few simple outfits.

And the outfit I wore yesterday for the Rams vs. Seahawks game is proooobably my favorite outfit of the entire season. I LOVE this cable knit sweater (been searching for a good one for a while), and I LOVE how the gold belt and jewelry tie into the beanie. The entire outfit is super simple but still says “I LOVE THE RAMS!”

And so, if you’re like me, and don’t love looking outlandish on game days, keep it simple! A cute beanie, comfy sweater, a few accessories are all you need!

Where to shop today’s outfit:

• Cable knit sweater, $44.95 at Gap (this color isn’t showing many sizes online but I just bought it in-store last week and there were like a billion sizes so if you love it head to your local Gap!)

• Rams beanie, $17.49 at Fanatics (you can find this beanie for virtually every NFL team on!)

Similar Freebird booties, $245 at (mine are a few years old, but the style I linked is the same color and the fit is AMAZING. I have them in a different color and loooove them!)

• Dark skinnies, $29.99 at Dillards (these are literally the comfiest jeans you will ever put on your body. PROMISE.)

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