Hi hello happy Wednesday!

It’s been a while since we’ve all been here on Country Hipster, and for that, I apologize. I’ve been telling myself for months I needed to get back into blogging but something always seemed to keep me from getting out and taking photos and actually BLOGGING.

But last week, I was in Texas for Thanksgiving and my aunt Judy asked about my blog and was like, “the girls in my office really miss your blog posts!” Judy lives in Atlanta, and I had no idea people in Atlanta had any idea I existed, let alone enjoyed seeing the crazy outfit ideas I come up with.

And so, I blogged.

To all the ladies in Atlanta—and all the ladies (and gents!) who’ve been so encouraging of me and my blog and my fashion sense—THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!

texas fall fashion

fall cowgirl boots outfit

texas fall fashion

malakoff texas

Alright so let me tell you about this outfit.

#1: I am obsessed with this long, flowy vest. Sometimes when I wear it I feel like a super hero wearing a very fabulous cape. The color also just so happens to be very nice and very versatile and I already know I’m going to wear it year-round.

#2: All I’ve been wearing lately is leggings. I #literallycannoteven be bothered with jeans. Fortunately ev-er-y-thang goes with leggings.

#3: I have been allllll about neutrals lately, but a little pop of turquoise never hurt anybody!


boho fringe purse black

long vest fall outfit

texas fall fashion

Wanna know my favorite thing about this outfit?

MOST of the pieces I’m wearing are from small businesses.

A few months ago I was interviewed by Western & English Today and one of the questions I was asked was about my favorite places to shop. I honestly didn’t know how to answer because I have SO many different places I love to shop. I’m all about tiny boutiques and cool Etsy shops and off-the-beaten-path brands. And allllll of those things are represented in this outfit.

My fabulous super hero vest is by Southern Grace Apparel, a Texas-based brand founded on Southern morals, ethics, and values. Their items are ONLY available in local boutiques because they’re all about supporting small business. How COOL is that? A brand that wants to support more than just itself. I love, love, love that. If you want to know where to find Southern Grace, click heeeere.

My amazing fringe bag was made by an AMAZING artisan based in Bali. I was on the hunt for months for a black fringe bag that NO ONE else would have, and when I stumbled upon her Etsy shop it was so hard not to order every single thing she had for sale!

The cute turquoise necklace was handmade by Inali Campbell, who is HANDS DOWN one of the most talented jewelry makers I have ever seen. And she’s also incredibly kind and I seriously love everything I have bought from her.

Aaaand my top is from Hope Ave., my favorite Utah-based boutique. Their clothes are so cute and so affordable and I will never admit how often I go in there because it is, frankly, embarrassing.

Long story short: SHOP SMALL!

country fashion outfit

texas fall fashion

 Stay tuned for more! I am just getting started. Err….re-started ;)

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