You know those times when you just need a week-long nap? THAT has been my life lately. I won’t go into any detail, but I’ve just been exhausted lately, which is why I have been the worst blogger on the planet.

BUT I went out today and got TONS of outfit posts so I could get ahead of the game, so prepare for some pretties coming your way :)

ANYWAY, today’s post will be quick because my sister is graduating from BYU today, and my entire family is in town, so I have lots and lots and LOTS going on. But one thing you should know….today’s outfit contains literally ALL of my favorite things.

'70s Boho Meets Contemporary Country Chic

My favorite top. My favorite booties. My favorite bag. Not pictured: my FAVORITE necklace that I wear almost everyday. (I actually broke it right before I took that photo :( working on putting it back together!)

Here’s a better look at the necklace from my Instagram! I’ve been loving squash blossoms lately, and when I stumbled across this one, I KNEW it had a place in my closet.

Is it possible to fall in love with a necklace? Because I'm prettttttty sure I just did.

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I swear I wear this outfit at least once a week. The top is ADORABLE and super comfy. The jeans are like clouds for your legs. The booties are chic and fabulous. The necklace is SUPER unique and I catch people staring at it a lot. And the bag. Oh, the bag. If I could marry a bag, I would marry this one.

'70s Boho Meets Contemporary Country Chic

'70s Boho Meets Contemporary Country Chic

'70s Boho Meets Contemporary Country Chic

'70s Boho Meets Contemporary Country Chic

I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Weren’t this top and that necklace MADE for each other? Here’s a better look at the top from Big Bratt Boutique’s Insta:

I love EVERYTHING about this top. It’s long, it’s flowy, it can be dressed up or down, it looks a little vintage, it’s colorful and super versatile…all in all, it’s freakin’ perfect.

Details for today’s outfit:

  • Boho tunic from Big Bratt Boutique, $32 (I think! I bought this top a few weeks ago and can’t remember the exact price, but I am OBSESSED with it! It’s not listed online, so shoot the ladies an email or hit them up on Insta if you’re interested in the top!)
  • Gold squash blossom from Big Bratt Boutique, $20 (also not listed online, but give the girls a holler if you want it!)
  • Celebrity Pink jeans from Dillard’s, $32.00
  • Hustl booties by Freebird, $295 (Buckle only has a few sizes left so HUSTL if you want a pair!)
  • Fringe cowhide bag by McFadin, about $400


'70s Boho Meets Contemporary Country Chic

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