Well. I was really excited to start year 2 of Country Hipster off with a bang. I redesigned the site, bought a bunch of new clothes, treated myself to one of my dream pairs of boots…………and then I didn’t post for over three weeks soooo I guess year 2 is starting out with a whimper instead!

But, if you check back on Sunday, you’ll see why. I’ve been hella busy at work over the last month putting together a super cool campaign, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on with all of you!

So. Stay tuned!

But for now….let’s talk about some pretty Old Gringo boots.

old gringo lorraine cowboy boots

I like how subtle these boots are. The stitching is intricate yet simple. Understated but powerful. And the colors are, of course, super versatile. These lovelies are begging to be in your closet for spring!

Here are a few handful of outfits I think would look real nice with EITHER of these!

Pretty in Pink Floral & Gingham

floral and gingham

So. A few weeks ago I was in a rush getting ready for church so I kind of haphazardly threw this outfit on. I was about 5 minutes late to church, so when I got there I just kind of stumbled in and sat down.

After I had collected myself, I looked up and saw the guy I have a crush on staring riiiiiight at me. So. Long story short, this outfit is a real head turner. BUT it won’t give you the courage to talk to the guy you’ve been crushing on for eight months. You’re on your own there.

Fun and Flirty in Fringe and Turquoise

fringe top outfit

The lovely ladies at Big Bratt Boutique gave me this top, and I absolutely adore it! Usually fringe is a little too decadent for me, but this top is super casual and super comfy. It’s begging to be worn with EITHER of today’s boots.

Too Much Floral? NEVER!

floral top outfit

Floral tops and cowgirl boots were a match made in heaven.

Also, I may or may not have worn this top EVERY week since I bought it. Because floral print is perfect and it goes with literally everything. Boots. Converse. Jeans. Skirts. Pretty gold squash blossoms. Everything.

Printed Shorts & Printed Tees

printed short and graphic tee

I think every girl needs to own a pair of printed shorts that feels like pajama shorts. Because who doesn’t like strolling around town during the summer wearing their pajamas?

Basics That Are Anything But Basic

basics outfit

Basics are anything but basic when you pair them with a pretty pair of cowgirl boots.

P.S. Sorry my descriptions have been kind of boring today. I’ve been working out with my friend Mitch this week, and now literally every part of my body hurts, so typing is surprisingly hard.

All you really need to know is today’s boots are BOTH on sale for $359.99 at PFI Western. So go buy them for yourself! Because there’s no reason not to.

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