Soooo if you’re reading this, you know Country Hipster got a bit of a facelift this week. Nothing too crazy—just an updated color palette, a new logo, a fresh theme, and some new categories.

I’m still kind of in shock about the blog being a year old. Like, seriously when the heck did that even happen? It really seems like just yesterday that I was making my Instagram account and texting all my friends and family to go follow it. I remember being so, so nervous when I pushed the blog live, and even more nervous when friends, coworkers, and prospective employers would ask about Country Hipster. I was always so afraid that people would think the idea was silly or that my outfit posts were stupid.

Because the truth is, I love this thing.

And when you love something, you protect it. You hold on to it and you baby it and you shield it from anything that could hurt it in any way, shape, or form.

But at the same time, you have to let the things you love grow. And I haven’t really done that with Country Hipster over the last year. And while I don’t regret posting hundreds of outfits that’ll look *flawless* with cowboy boots, I kind of feel like I’ve been doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Because the truth is, there’s much more to my life than cowboy boots.

I wear Converse [almost] on the daily.

I throw hilariously themed parties.

I make really pretty stained glass windows.

I actually like watching presidential debates.

I’m on social media [at least] 8 hours a day, thanks to my rad job.

I’m in a pretend band with my best friends called the Flemmy Squirrels.

I love decorating my house and secretly want to be an interior designer.

I’m obsessed with responding to texts and emails through gifs.

 I work out five times a week, although you’d never know it thanks to all the Oreos I eat.

I have no idea how to do my hair.

I love wearing Nike shorts with oversized crewneck sweatshirts.

I have to go on at least one trip a month or else I’ll *literally* go crazy.

I’ve loved the St. Louis Rams since I was little, even though I’ve never been to St. Louis.

I can’t get a date to save my life. #FOREVERALONE

I listen to motivational speeches by Greg Plitt when I’m sad.

I’m obsessed with the Pacific Northwest. And with Utah. And with Wyoming.

And with a lot of other things.

And so, starting today, Country Hipster will no longer be a blog just about cowboy boots.

But don’t worry. There will still be plenty of boot posts to go around. There will just be outfit posts with Converse, lifestyle posts with home decor tips, self care posts with advice on how to be happy at work, and much more mixed in.

Because change is good sometimes, right?

if we don't change, we don't grow. if we don't grow, we're not really living.

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