Hi hello happy, happy, happy Wednesday! We’re mid-way through the week aaaaand that’s pretty great, don’t you think? Alsoooo we’re almost mid-way through October and that literally makes no sense to me. No sense at all. Where is time going??!

Well anyway, today’s Wish List Wednesday boots are freaking stunning, so that makes me feel slightly better about time going way quicker than I want it to.

Feast your eyes on the most lovely pair of leopard print booties ever made:

Liberty Black Chita Ankle Boots

Ummmmm gorgeous, right?! I’ve never blogged about Liberty Black boots, so I’m super excited that this is the first pair I get to talk about. The leopard print is stunning on its own, but I think what makes these booties so adorable is the stitching around the boot collar and the teeny tiny studs on the pull straps. Perfection in a bootie, if you ask me!

Sooooo I’m sure you’ve all heard this famous quote:

leopard print is a neutral
Source: The College Prepster

Jenna Lyons is the president and creative director of J. Crew, and even though J. Crew and I don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to style, I couldn’t agree any more with this statement. Leopard print goes with literally everything, and it makes me sad to see so many girls and women shy away from it.

So today I put together five outfits that would look fabulous with these booties. To show everyone that it’s MORE than okay to wear leopard print with everything, I chose a bunch of different patterns, materials, and colors!

Camo & Leopard Print

camo and leopard print

Liberty Black Chita Ankle Boots

Yes. You CAN mix camo and leopard prints. You can and you most definitely should. But when you do, make sure there’s some space between them and pair them with accessories that complement both pieces.

Here I went with a faux pearl necklace, a black watch, and multicolored polka dot bracelets that add a feminine edge to the look.

Red, Black, Leather & Leopard

red, black, leather, and leopard

Liberty Black Chita Ankle Boots

Red and leopard print were made for each other, if you ask me. One of my favorite ways to wear my red pencil skirt is with a leopard top and gold accessories, but for this look I mixed things up and put the leopard print on bottom!

The simple faux leather top balances the loud boots, and the gold accessories do a wonderful job of bringing out the warm tones in the booties. You’d be the fiercest lady on the block with an outfit like this!

Stripes & Leopard Print

stripes and leopard print

Liberty Black Chita Ankle Boots

If there’s one thing I believe with all my heart, it’s that stripes and leopard print go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s something about the structured, straight lines mixed with the random, rounded patterns that looks so, so, sooooo good.

Here I paired the booties with a very simple black and white striped dress, gold accessories, and a maroon faux leather jacket. 110% perfect for fall and winter!

Chunky Stripes and Jeans

chunky stripes and jeans

Liberty Black Chita Ankle Boots

Okay, so it’s just not fair that skinny stripes get all the love because chunky stripes go just as well with leopard print.

Pair a multicolored scarf like the one above with jeans and a v-neck and you have an outfit made in fall heaven! (P.S. You can get amazingly soft and warm scarves like the one above at Scoutmob—I got this one for Christmas a few years ago and it is, hands down, the best scarf I own!)

Cozy Scarves & Plaid

cozy scarves and plaid

Liberty Black Chita Ankle Boots

I know it seems scary to pair leopard print with plaid, but don’t be intimidated! I think the secret to mixing the two lies in finding a simple plaid pattern that has at least one color that complements the leopard print. So, here I went with a shirt with a very understated pattern AND a little yellow stripe. The yellow matches the boots perfectly, and the shirt’s pattern doesn’t overwhelm the booties at all!

Top the look off with a matching scarf and simple belt to bring the whole thing together. :)

Hooray for pattern mixing, right? You can get these Liberty Black beauties (see what I did there? haha) at PFI Western. And they’re just 239, which is a great price for Liberty Blacks!

Go be fierce, y’all!

(Oh and P.S. don’t forget to enter our birthday boot giveaway! You still have a few days to enter to win a rad pair of Durango boots!)

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