Happy Thursday, guys!

I wasn’t planning on posting anything today, but my friends and I went to the Days of 47 Rodeo in Salt Lake City last night and we all put together really distinct outfits. It was really cool to see everyone’s different styles, so I thought it’d be cool to snap a few photos and show everyone how easy it is to wear cowboy boots with pretty much any style!

The crew.

But first, let’s take a moment to appreciate this mediocre photo I took of a bull rider.

Days of 47 bull riding

And a few mediocre photos I took of The One Arm Bandit & Company.

One Arm Bandit & Company

One Arm Bandit & Company

I’ve seen some cool things at rodeos before, but The One Arm Bandit & Co. stole the show last night. This guy trains BUFFALO to run around the arena AND climb ON TOP of a trailer. Say whaaat? And on top of that, he only has one arm! I felt so not talented after watching his performance.

Alright anyway, the rodeo outfits. I have to apologize for the lighting in these photos. The lighting in Energy Solutions Arena is terrible, and it was dark when the rodeo got over, so we had to settle for the old depot at The Gateway in downtown SLC.

I wore my turquoise Justin boots, white shorts, and a turquoise raglan tee that I got on sale at Victoria’s Secret for like nine dollars. It was a super simple outfit, so I topped it off with gold accessories!

turquoise rodeo outfit

turquoise justin boots

turquoise rodeo outfit

Here are links to my shorts and boots, both of which are on sale!

My roommate Chelsea wore a gorgeous lace top, black leggings, and black Ariat boots. I was jealous of her outfit the entire night because it was super simple, slimming, and awesome.

rodeo outfit

black ariat boots

rodeo outfit

Here is a link to Chelsea’s boots!

My friend Anna (who made me the 1,000 followers cake I posted about on Instagram) attended a rodeo AND wore cowboy boots FOR THE FIRST TIME last night.

She has a super chill style, so she put together a really cool, unique outfit to go with a pair of Ariats I loaned her! I’m pretty sure she pulls of the whole “Country Hipster” vibe better than I do….

anna's first time wearing cowboy boots!

ariat sonora bitterwater brown

anna's first time wearing cowboy boots!

Here are links to Anna’s shorts, hat, watch, and boots, which are on a super good sale at Rivertrail Mercantile!

And last but not least, my little sister put together a fairly classy outfit. I’d like to point out that she’s wearing golf shorts, which she says are the comfiest things ever. She paired her classy shorts with a chic black and white top, sparkly Durango boots, and a cool necklace.

golf shorts rodeo outfit

durango boots

golf shorts rodeo outfit

Here are links to Cameron’s shorts and boots!

Anyway, there you have it! Proof that cowboy boots go with literally anything. 

squad goals

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