YOU GUYS. Today is my Friday and I sincerely hope it’s yours, too. I already know my work day is going to be a struggle because A) I am so excited for the weekend and B) I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. (I really am getting too old to do that kind of thing…)

Anyway, in an attempt to focus myself on the day ahead, I put together a nice little patriotic outfit that is just perfect for the office.

work-appropriate patriotic outfit

I’m actually writing this from my desk at work, and I’m struggling big time to come up with anything to say about this outfit.

I just love the play the striped blazer makes on the stripes in the flag, and I’m actually really surprised how good the red leggings (yes, my company lets us wear leggings to work. SCORE!) and the blue necklace work together. I was a little apprehensive about the outfit being too loud and crazy, but I think it all came together really nicely.

So because I’m not sure what else to say about this outfit, I’m going to list five reasons why I freakin’ love America (one for each of the photos I have of the outfit!). Here goes!

Reason #1: The American Dream.

I tried explaining the American Dream is a guy I met in Germany, and he just did not get it. I absolutely love the belief Americans have of being able to turn nothing into something. I love knowing that our culture lends itself to ingenuity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and hard work.

work-appropriate patriotic outfit

Reason #2: Cultural diversity.

As you might know, I moved around a lot growing up. I was born in Delaware, I’ve lived in Wyoming, Utah, two places in Arizona, and two places in New Mexico. And I’ve spent ample time in Nevada, Idaho, California, Texas, Montana, and Colorado thanks to friends and family.

And the biggest thing I’ve learned through moving and traveling around so much is that Americans are all so unique. Wyoming’s culture is distinctly different from California’s. Delaware’s culture is nothing like Montana’s. We’re all different. We all have our different beliefs, values, and tendencies. But at the end of the day, we can all relate to each other because we’re all proud to be American. And that’s pretty rad.

work-appropriate patriotic outfit

Reason #3: Democracy.

Because not a lot of people get to enjoy that. The more I learn about the world, the more I realize that we are so, so fortunate in the United States to have a functioning government.

I know people get fed up with Congressmen, frustrated with the Supreme Court, and mad at the President. But look at the turmoil in some countries around the world. I’ll take our government over Syria’s or Iran’s any day.

freebird booties

Reason #4: Physical beauty.

Call me shallow, but Americans are beautiful. The whole mixing pot thing has done a lot of people a lot of good because we get to enjoy the best traits from a lot of different cultures. Yusssss.

Also, American’s physical landscape is stunning. I mean, I’ve been on a lot of road trips and with the exception of Switzerland, there’s no place I’d rather drive around for days.

work-appropriate patriotic outfit

Reason #5: Country music.

I love it. And I legitimately don’t understand when other people don’t love it. Like, it’s just so good.

Every time I’ve listened to a country song, whether it’s been on a train in Germany, a plane to New York, a beach in California, or the back of a horse in Montana, I feel like I’m home. Country music is so uniquely American and I really think it’s something that brings people together.

work-appropriate office outfit

So there you have it, folks. Five reasons I love America and an idea of what to wear to the office when you’re feeling extra patriotic.

My blazer is from Forever21 (but here’s basically the same thing at Charlotte Russe), my leggings are from Wal-Mart (you can’t pass up $7 leggings!), my necklace is from Charming Charlie, and my booties are Freebird by Steve Madden.

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