I haven’t talked about this yet on the blog yet, but I absolutely love photography and I love design. I picked up photography my junior year of college when my parents bought me a nice camera for Christmas right before I went to Germany, and I’ve been dabbling in design since my junior year of high school!

Because I go on lots of road trips and adventures, I take a ton of photos…Seriously between road trips, blog posts, and portrait shoots for friends, I’ve taken about 10,000 photos over the last year. But unfortunately, I’ve kind of let my design skills fall by the wayside. So now I’m making an effort to polish them and make them awesome again!

I didn’t really feel like putting together an outfit for today, so I designed a pretty little poster instead! I took this photo last Memorial Day just outside of Eureka, Nevada (if you look reeeeal close you can see my parents’ old house on the right side of the road). And since I’m heading to Nevada again this Memorial Day, I figured today was the perfect time to recycle it!

I always feel like listening to “Fly Over States” by Jason Aldean on road trips, so I slapped one of my favorite lyrics from the song over the photo and VOILA!

Breathe in all that open space
One of my favorite lyrics from one of my favorite songs!

Hopefully you’ll be seeing more designs on the blog in the future! Stay tuned!

Happy travels!

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