I’ve been slacking a little bit here in Texas. I meant to post an outfit yesterday morning, and I’ve also been meaning to take photos of a few things I’ve bought since I’ve been here to show y’all. But between my cousin’s wedding and catching up with family and trying to escape the humidity, I haven’t had much motivation to pull out my camera!

But yesterday when one of my cousins pulled up, I was like, “I have to put that outfit on the blog!”

men's cowboy boots

Meet my cousin Karson. He’s in his first year of pilot school, and he has one of the most unique styles I’ve ever seen. Upon first glance, this outfit looks pretty typical. A nice black shirt, a good lookin’ pair of jeans, and a cool pair of shades. So what’s so special?

men's cowboy boots


men's ariat cowboy boots

Do these boots not make you think that Ariat and Under Armour had a baby?! The design is super unique and the color is so, so cool! Karson’s favorite color is green, and he can always be seen wearing lime green shirts and accessories. So it’s not really a surprise that he has these super awesome boots.

What makes these boots so cool is that they’re made for ranchers and ropers who have to jump off their horses to run after cattle. The soles have a lot of extra padding to protect your bones and nerves and on top of that, the little green lines on the side aren’t just for looks. They protect your boots from getting scratched and scuffed in the stirrups! Whaaaat!

See how cool these are?! Photo cred ©Ariat International
See how cool these are?! Photo courtesy ©Ariat International

So anyway, I thought the boots and the outfit were too great NOT to put on the blog. The outfit is casual but classy. You could wear it to church, to school, to a dinner party, to a wedding reception, or anywhere in between!

men's cowboy boots

men's cowboy boots

The boots are Ariat, and Karson got them at Shepler’s! The jeans are a slim cut by Wrangler, the shirt is from JCPenney, and the shades are Oakley.

What do y’all think of this outfit? Would the men in your life wear something like this?

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