It takes a special kind of woman to wear pink cowgirl boots. My mom bought me these a few years ago and they are quite the statement piece! At first I thought they looked a little too much like Pepto Bismol, but I actually get tons of compliments any time I wear them.

pink cowgirl boots

There are two keys to wearing pink cowgirl boots (or any brightly colored boots, for that matter). First, build your outfit around your boots. As you can see, these boots are super bright and eye catching. For this outfit, I paired them with really simple, understated pieces. Second, wear them with confidence. Hold your head high when you rock your boots! I’ve found that the more confidently I carry myself, the more compliments I get on my outfit. Try it sometime!






The boots are Reba, and I’m pretty sure the style has been discontinued. But I think this pair of pink Corrals is absolutely darling! The scarf is from Charlotte Russe—you can find a similar one here.

Happy pink Wednesday!

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